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Discover your paradise on earth at the Wabi Luxury Suites & Maisonettes in Ios

Smack in the heart of the Aegean, between Santorini and Naxos, Ios, like it's famous neighbours, boasts an iconic, archetypically Cycladic, dramatically enchanting beauty. Which rivals -if not surpasses- its legendary party scene. Yet bizarrely enough, it has been largely overlooked. In fact until recently, the island that’s been named after the violet (Ia) -Persephone’s favorite flower- was perceived by most as the notorious stomping ground of hedonistic youth from around the globe. True, ever since the 60’s and the 70’s, Ios has been inextricably linked with the triptych of sea, sun and fun, gaining a reputation for nonstop booze-fueled merrymaking. But this is only part of the story. Its other side includes an emblematic ancient main town with whitewashed houses and cobblestone alleys; a host of well preserved, antique windmills; 365 quaint, little churches -more than the bars, one for each day of the year; picturesque, cliff top villages, traditional goat farms; a wealth of postcard perfect beaches- from paradisiacal party HQ’s, to naturists havens; and that’s not to mention delectable local delicacies, striking hiking trails, important historical monuments and to-die-for vistas.

Nowadays Ios’ ample, manifold -though somewhat lesser known delights- are increasingly attracting a sophisticated, alternative -chic set; families and more mature travelers looking for their own, real and authentic slice of heaven on earth.

Driven by the same quest we created the Wabi Luxury Suites & Maisonettes in Ios, with a view to showcasing to the world all that the mythical birthplace of Clymene, mother of epic poet Homer really is.

Advantageously located at the quaint, historical neighborhood of the windmills, just a stone’s throw from the center of Chora, the Wabi Ios Luxury Suites & Maisonettes, are all about original experiences and pleasures of the senses.

Fostering true connections with one self, loved ones and nature, the Wabi Luxury Suites & Maisonettes in Ios intend to spoil you with their avant garde facilities, thoughtful amenities and astonishing, panoramic views. Boasting a characteristically laid back atmosphere -made to measure for stress free, uber relaxing, most enjoyable holidays- this sumptuous accommodation in Ios, epitomize living in the lap of luxury, without forgetting what’s ethical and good for the planet.

After all sustainability for all of us at the Wabi Luxury Suites & Maisonettes is all about protecting the places that we love the most. In our case this is Ios. We cordially invite you to respectfully discover it!