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A dry and barren, hilly landscape surrounded by cerulean skies and waters; dotted by white, sugar cube houses, blue domed little churches, silver grey olives and thatched, old windmills. Rough and wild, perhaps astounding to the eyes of the uninitiated; but in all the right ways enchanting. The one of a kind, dramatic Cycladic scenery is exemplified in Ios. Rugged and ravishing, what’s more, this small island, in relation to its popular, uber chic neighbors like Santorini, thankfully remains largely unspoiled and unchanged.

From the archetypal, whitewashed, labyrinth like, cobblestone paved Chora -one of the most beautiful in the Aegean; or the prehistoric settlement of Skarkos; to the incredible turquoise- in- technicolor beaches -world famous filming sites which rightfully belong amongst the best shores in the Meditteranean; to the fascinating old windmills- 12 prime examples of rural architecture; as well as proud testaments of the island’s agricultural past; there is so much to see and do in Ios

Make yourself at home at the Wabi Luxury Suites & Maisonettes, at the windmill’s area, near the old theatre in Chora: The island’s perhaps most photogenic, but certainly most panoramic spot; and start living the adventure of a lifetime! Everything you need is close by -whether on foot or just a short drive away- while nothing you don’t may disturb your peace and calm at the Wabi Luxury Suites & Maisonettes in Ios.


Points of Interest:

  • Chora: 0,1 klm
  • Yalos Beach: 1,3 klm
  • Homers grave: 4,7 klm
  • Psathi Beach: 7,2 klm
  • St John’s Monastery: 8,9 klm
  • Manganari Beach: 10,3 klm
  • Tris Klisies Beach: 10,4 klm
  • St. Nicholas Church: 19 klm
  • Nearest market 0,6 klm

Nearest Airports

  • Paros Airport 35 klm
  • Santorini Airport 39,3 klm
  • Naxos Airport 40,6 klm