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The Green way

Sustainability for all of us at the Wabi Luxury Suites and Maisonettes in Ios is not yet another trending word. Ecology and opulence might have been long considered as mutually exclusive, but recent shifts in perception took green holidays from niche to necessity. After all, travel is all about seeing the world’s beauty, and simply put, that means we need to safeguard it. That is why we go the extra mile for the good of the environment: From the use of solar power to our minimum consumption-led lamps, A++ electric devices or electric vehicle chargers, we’re offering our guests cutting edge luxury while minimizing our impact on the planet. Our initiatives have earned us a prestigious green key certificate. With more and more people from around the globe seeking unique holiday destinations, that combine smart aesthetics, comfort, hospitality, ecological consciousness and the promise of discovering new cultures, the green way is finally gaining due recognition!